Edi Stephenson

The Gift of Evangelism

Edi Stephenson is a Pastor for Prayer, Missional Communities and Building a Discipling Culture at Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne.
Presenting on the discipling/evangelism tool known as Discovery Bible Method (DBM) – a method that is used to reach friends and family in a safe, non-threatening way with the Good News and encourage a growing faith. DBM is a simple, structured way of opening the Bible with someone so that they encounter God directly through His living Word.

Neil & Leanne Folling

The Gift of Hospitality

Neil Folling is an Ordained Baptist Pastor and together with wife Leanne they have shared in ministry for more than 20 years as a team. They are gifted in the area of hospitality (amongst other gifts).
Neil and Leanne will present a workshop on the gift of hospitality. This will be a practical workshop designed to encourage the use of this vital Christian gift to the world, and how you might grow the seed of hospitality in your own life, as an act of worship and love to the world as well as the Body of Christ.

Philip Wells

The Gift of Intercession

Philip Wells has been a part of Hervey Bay Baptist Church for nearly 14 years. He has served in the areas of Youth Ministries, Eldership for 8 years and more recently leads our Online Prayer Group and Thursday Night Prayer Meeting.
Philip has a special interest in prayer; focusing on both its importance in the spiritual life of all individual believers and its vital place in the life of the church and its ministries. It is his hope to teach in the area of personal prayer development and prayer ministry – which includes the intercessory prayer gift.

Andrew Crighton & Shane Matterson

Balancing My Finances

Andrew Crighton is the new Senior Pastor of Hervey Bay Church of Christ and along with his wife, Jacqui, are dedicated Christ followers who have many years’ experience working out Church in community.

Shane Matterson is an ordained Church of Christ Pastor who has recently left Church pastoring to become more available for God to use to reach into community with the Good News of the Word. Shane is also a trained and experienced presenter of the CAP money management.
Shane is passionate to see people help bring their personal finances under control to relieve life stresses that money worries may cause. He also sees these skills as a wonderful tool to reach out and help the world and thus introduce people to a living Saviour.  Be inspired by Shane’s stories of faith in action!

Ruth Huber


Ruth Huber is a qualified Mothercraft Nurse with 20 years of experience in Maternity wards and private homes. The last 10 years, Ruth has worked in the community with a family support program called Bay Families under the the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and has been Family Support Worker and Coordinator of the program for almost 7 years.
Ruth has presented a number of early childhood workshops to families over the last 10 years and is passionate about empowering parents to be the best they can be for their family’s wellbeing.


Please note this a projected schedule and is subject to change without notice. 
9:30am | Arrival & Registration
10:00am | Morning Workshop
12:00pm | Lunch
12:30pm | Afternoon Workshop