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Since you are eager for gifts of the Spirit, try to excel in those that build up the church.

Spiritual gifts are a guaranteed place of God’s presence and power. We’re stepping into the unknown believing God will help us understand and develop our spiritual gifts to build up the church. 
Building Up With Power Gifts




Start Over

Looking at the stories of various figures in the Bible, it is clear how God transforms them and gives them a fresh start. The Good News of Jesus Christ is that we can Start Over with God and this affects our lives so that we can let go of past choices, behaviours and habits.
We are not our pasts. We trust in God’s Grace for our future. We can’t go back but we can Start Over.


Our Christmas series focuses on how the arrival of Jesus was unexpected. He also brought joy, freedom, peace, light and hope in an unexpected way.
Many people were looking for solutions to their problems and had an expectation of how that could happen.
Jesus caught them and catches us by surprise. He is and what He does is unexpected!


Based on the life of Daniel, we learn what it means to thrive in and influence an increasingly hostile world.
Daniel served three kings and did this because he showed hope, humility and wisdom. He understood that they were in hostile circumstances and even saw God’s hand in that. He believed in God’s sovereignty and trusted God no matter what. This led to extraordinary influence and clarity, even when everyone else was in a panic.