Seeking to 
Equip, Care, Empower and Go 
through the model given to us 
by the life of Jesus on earth

Equip (OUT)

I will replace myself by passing on my skills and knowledge to others.

We see through the life of Jesus, He had 3 disciples He was most intimate with; John, James and Peter. He gave them extra access to His life. This led to these men being important leaders in the early church. Jesus was not a lone ranger. He invested in others with the goal of equipping those closest to Him to lead and further His kingdom on earth. One role of a Life Group leader is to seek 1 or 2 people in the group that they give extra access into their life. This allows them to learn and grow through seeing the leaders life in action, Equipping them to be better prepared to lead a group, passing the baton to another and therefore furthering His kingdom.

Care (IN)

Seeking to care not just for each other but for those God has placed in our life.
(Circle of Influence)

Jesus did not just teach those who followed Him. He cared for their emotional and physical needs. We see Jesus extend care not just to His disciples, but also their families.  A Life Group is a perfect place for pastoral care. Through your group, you are able to have your finger on the pulse. Seeing when a group member, or their circle of influence is struggling physically, mentally or emotionally.  The Life Group is able to care and support them through their time of need, demonstrating the love of Jesus for them through action.  

Empower (UP)

Growing in our obedience through actively seeking God’s gifts and will for our lives.

In Luke 3 we see Jesus baptised and the Holy Spirit descend on Him in the form of a dove. At this special moment God empowers His son to begin His ministry life. As we learn from Jesus as our model, we see Jesus’ reliance on the Holy Spirit through Spiritual gifts and Spiritual disciplines bringing an intimate relationship with His Father.  Jesus assures His followers that He must go, so that someone else can come and dwell within us. At the moment of salvation, we are gifted with the Holy Spirit to give us gifts that far exceed our physical abilities. It is our prayer that through a Life Group, each member can come to the full knowledge of the gifts and power you have through Jesus. We want to see people empowered to live lives that bring Glory to God by demonstrating God’s Word, Power and Love to our community as we serve them through our gifts.

Go (OUT)

Not just believers but doers

Jesus sent His followers to go and make disciples of all the nations. In Mathew 22 Jesus also tells His disciples, love the Lord with all your hearts and mind and secondly to love your neighbours as yourself. Jesus did not want us to keep the gift of salvation to ourselves. His commandment was to Go. We believe Life Groups are a crucial part of our Christian walk and growth. But we must not just keep it all to ourselves. Our prayer is to see each group shining the light of Jesus throughout our community. That we will see people’s lives transformed and therefore see revival in our City.